Coach G! SAT Training Testimonials


Coach Andre Smith

Coach G!,

I am grateful for your work in increasing SAT Test scores for my student-athletes. As the Head Basketball Coach of Scale Prep Academy, I am in ongoing contact with college coaches. I understand their fixation with standardized test scores. Better scores facilitate more likely success regarding eligibility. Consequently, I have personally seen where scholarship offers have appeared once test scores arrived following an improved score directly resulting from Coach G!’s training.

Coach G! SAT Training program and its genuine, individual care toward my players have already impacted their future. Considering many former Scale Prep players that are currently playing basketball at the college level right now, I recognize Coach G! SAT Training as an important part of my program’s success. It makes parents more comfortable in sending their sons to my school. It makes college coaches comfortable that they sign well-prepared players who will be immediately eligible. I firmly endorse the work that Glenn Hunter delivers in preparing student-athletes for college admission to continue their athletic careers. Thanks Coach G!

Best Regards,

Coach Andre Smith

Head Basketball Coach, Scale Prep Academy

Corona, CA

Ms. Sheila Bates (Parent)

Glenn is such a dedicated and excellent tutor and mentor. He tutored my son in preparation for the SAT. Glenn is patient and encouraging to his students. He provides easy to understand exam techniques and study methods for complicated test subjects. My son really enjoyed attending Glenn’s sessions and gained so much knowledge from the lessons. My son was very confident and more than ready to take the SAT. My son is a senior and has been accepted to over 15 universities and counting, with 11 of them being full academic scholarships. Glenn Hunter is fantastic and highly recommended. Thank you Glenn!

- Sheilah Bates (parent of Massai Bates)